Note Squared Notebooks

Brand Identity

At the centre of every designer’s kit is a notebook. A designer’s notebook is not only a tool but it can be an extension of him self, somewhere where they can express themselves by how they decorate, accessorize, or choose their notebook.

Note Squared wanted to bring a fresh alternative to current notebooks on the market today. Based on graph paper innards – where Note Squared lends it’s name – they design new and attractive notebooks, as well as custom orders.

The challenge was to create an identity that complements the products that the name will be on, design clean minimal products, and create a responsive website to house the current products that will be available through e-commerce.

Brand Identity and Asset Package

Note Squared Notebooks

Identity, Product, and Web Design

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The solution was to create an identity that was universal.
By creating a universal logo, it could be used on a series of unique notebooks while being cohesive to one another.

Web Mockup

Responsive design, Intuitive e-commerce, professional look.

Notebook Design

Each and every notebook is cut and assembled by hand. With that in mind, you can design a notebook that would make it easier and faster to assemble - and at the end of the day produce more notebooks.