Polaroid Party

Brand Identity

Polaroid Party Winnipeg is an annual fundraising event that revolves around instant film and photography, with the goal of sharing the “instant” experience with those who haven’t before.

This year, Polaroid Party Winnipeg wanted to rebrand the look of the event. With the previous design, they were cornered into branding the event as a “retro” styled event. They wanted to have a new look that would be able to work with a new and different theme every year if they wanted.

The solution was to create a simple mark that was easily readable on as many backgrounds or applications necessary. Polaroid Party now has a modernized minimal look that will last throughout any future theme they plan.

Brand Identity and Asset Package

Polaroid Party Winnipeg

Identity, Assets, and Web Design

Promotional Video

4-part photoshoot and interview session with participants of the Polaroid Party.

Social Content

Part of the Polaroid Party is creating social content that people will engage with through various networks.