Portage Magazine

Brand and Print Design

Portage Magazine is a quarterly publication focused on adventure and lifestyle. Based out of Winnipeg, MB – Portage Mag focuses on supporting local artists and content creators first.

Portage Mag is an outlet for local artists, photographers, and all creators to showcase their work and tell the community more about the person behind the work they display.

Magazine Design

Portage Magazine

Software Used
Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Handcrafted for the highest quality

Translucent Vellum Tip-on
Film negative contact sheet printed on a thick vellum to emulate the translucency of the negatives. 

Minimal Design
Clean and simple page design allows for images to look the best they can.

Online Blog & Shop

Based on the Tumblr platform, a clean seamless page was designed with articles and posts in mind.

See page samples below