A little About Myself

I have always been interested in visual art, photography, technology, and just being creative. I’m always trying to be creative or just try and do something a little different.

My first real camera was an old sony video camera. I was always trying to create videos. One day it just stopped working. That kinda ended the videos for awhile. The first time I went out on a family trip I grabbed the Nikon and took some cool shots with it. Since then I’ve been hooked.

The thought of snowboard photography really came from just being out on the hill and seeing friends with cameras making video parts and photos.

A lot of my inspiration comes from snowboard mags and some renowned photographers like Chase Jarvis, Scott Serfas, and Rob Grimm.

I’ve had shots published in articles in the local paper, but I would love to have a shot in a snowboard magazine.

Other projects I've worked on:

Polaroid Party Winnipeg

Note Squared Notebooks